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swimwear manufacturing

we take care about every detail of our business. 


before starting our production we met with many swimwear factories

in bali. we wanted to ensure their labor and environmental practices 

aligned with our values. we found a lovely little manufacturer.

its a family owned and local business. 

the Carvico Vita has a higher durability than normal swimwear fabric and durability means sustainability by reducing the need to buy multiple swimsuits in a season. 


we see many brands that use thin and cheap lining material on their swimsuits. we decided to line all our swimsuits and bikinis with the same strong recycled nylon as the outer fabric. this gives our swimwear an enhanced shape retention, supports you in all the right areas and leaves you feeling confident and comfortable in and out of the water. 


we’re constantly trying to find the balance between the need to produce because we’re a business and producing just what is needed. we believe in small-run production instead over mass manufacturing.
that's why we try to produce small collections with an limited amount. for the future we aim to work with an additional  "pre-order system" to ensure you won’t have to worry about your style and size running out to quick once the collection goes online. 


apparel manufacturing

initially it wasn't planned to come with a small apparel collection right at the beginning. but one day I went to a tiny little shop in bali to check out some clothes. they had some nice designs and the quality was good. i started to chat to the woman behind the counter and figured out that she was the owner of the shop and was sewing every piece of it by herself. 

she is a lovely soul, single mom and business woman. we talked about sustainable fabrics, our values and she allowed me to see here little "office/sewing atelier" in the back. every piece she made was sewed out of organic cotton with natural dyes and OEKO-TEX certified. 

that was the point where I decided to go with a small apparel collection aswell, especially to support this cool single-woman-business with the right values. 

throughout the design process we created some versatile pieces for you. also here we looked at every detail and my approach was to stay away from these unsustainable synthetic labels a lot of brands are using. so also here you will find the best sustainable choice with all the informations needed - like washing instructions.

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