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one straw for you -
and one straw for a local warung

as a brand we wanna give something back. 

we decided to gift you with a reusable bamboo straw for every made order. and also for every order we wanna donate a reusable bamboo straw to a local warung in indonesia. 

by doing this we wanna try to make an impact on the education personally here in indonesia - were there is a massive problem with waste and plastic that lands in the nature and ocean.  the education about the environment is not so good. people just use a lot of plastic bags, straws and bottles. they see that a package of plastic straws is cheaper than investing in reusable ones and go with the cheaper choice.  

by explaining the benefits of the reusable straws, we try to convince them that its just a win/win situation for their economy and the environment. when we see that they are understanding and interested, we ask to gift them with a bundle of straws and cleaners. 

in the slide show below you will find some pictures of warungs that already got gifted with a pack of bamboo straws and coconut fiber cleaners.

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