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Schöne Landschaft

as a ethically and slow fashion brand we acknowledge our responsibility and as a commercial operator we can never be fully perfect, but we are aiming to be as environmentally conscious and transparent as possible.  all our products are designed and produced ethically and sustainably with our valuable planet in mind.

sustainable slow fashion considers the life cycle of the product from production to finish. instead of focusing on fast fashion and its quick trends we wanna focus on timeless designs that outstand the seasons and aim for the best durability by using high qualitative recycled and organic materials.


our system isn’t perfect and we clearly want to say that no one has to be perfect. we hope to inspire people to make some more sustainable choices in their everyday life and this is were this all starts. all together we can make the world more sustainable and greener. 


you can read more about under the different topics and we are more than happy to receive any feedback, ideas or questions about our practices. you can get in contact by email or via our social media channels, we’d love to have a chat! 

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